Faithful to the Scriptures, True to the Reformed Faith, and Obedient to the Great Commission

Sunday Worship

Worship at Harvestwood Covenant Presbyterian Church is God-centered and not man-centered. We believe that God prescribes to us how to worship Him, and thus we must worship Him in the way that pleases Him.

We believe a worship service is an appointment of the Covenant God with His Covenant people. There, God speaks to us and works faith in us through the reading, praying,  preaching, singing, confessing, and seeing of His Word.  Our worship is patterned after this dialogue of love between the Lord and His people!  Here is a bulletin from one of our worship services for you to peruse.

The preaching at Harvestwood is biblical and expository. Too often in church life, little of the Bible is ever preached and even less is understood.  Because we take Jesus and His inspired text seriously, we pay attention to the original context, history, and meaning of the Scripture.  Careful application to faith and life is made, rather than mere emotional or psychological manipulation. We would prefer to see and hear Jesus in His Word!

So, we follow the ancient church and Reformation practice of serial expository preaching, which covers books of the Bible chapter-by-chapter one after another.  This approach aids both the pastor and the congregation in their mutual study of the whole counsel of God in a naturally organized way.

All along, we strive to see congregational worship as the highlight of our week.  What could be better as a church family than meeting with our God in joy, reverence, and wonder!  Coming in this way before Him, we know that the Lord will provide the grace and mercy we need, because we do not come alone, but only united by faith with and only in the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ!