Youth Classes

Ages 13-17 / Teacher: Freddie Conner

This class focuses, among other truths. on the Bible as the basis for our confession; Christ, his person and work; Repentance and faith; The Christian Life; The Church: where did it all start? Why are we Presbyterian and Reformed? What is the meaning of the acronym TULIP etc. They will also focus on how God provides and gives growth, the meaning of the means of grace, the sacraments and more. Lastly they will also be talking on how to confess Christ to others.

Ages 7-12 / Teacher: R.E. Sean Hatter

Our Sunday School class for elementary children has recently been exploring the question, “What Is the Gospel?” Starting with Creation and working through Scripture, we are going beyond the basics to see God’s redemptive plan throughout history, always bringing our lessons back to the central truth of the Cross of Christ to gain a better understanding of the work that the Lord Jesus has done on our behalf.

At the same time, we are also exploring the truth of God’s Word as expressed through the questions and answers of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Because the make-up our class can chage from week to week, we do not focus on memorization of the questions and answers (though we encourage it and sometimes do fun memorization drills in class), but rather focus on the truth that is being taught through the questions and answers. Our goal is to help nurture our children into a love for God’s Word, to see how it applies to their lives here and now, and to always point them toward Jesus and His redemptive work.